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Martin Stadtfeld

Martin Stadtfeld’s career began with a piano from a clearance sale, and by the age of seven, his professional aspirations were already formed: to be a concert pianist. Early on, he studies the rules and secrets of counterpoint and harmony, and enters the class of Lev Natochenny as a young student in Frankfurt. During this time, he began to make a stir in competitions, winning prizes in Paris, Bolzano and Leipzig, and in 2002, won First Prize at the Bach Competition.

This is an award with special meaning, for the music of Johann Sebastian Bach is for the pianist the Cape Canaveral of music – from here all paths lead to the cosmos of musical history. It’s no wonder then that Stadtfeld’s first CD recording is like a rocket. The 22-year-old pianist began his recording career with one of the most delicate works of the entire piano repertoire, Bach’s “Goldberg Variations”, just as Glen Gould had with the same label. Lauded in the press worldwide, Martin Stadtfeld has become at home on the world’s leading concert stages and as guest with major orchestras and festivals.

Success has not gone to his head, bound by the laws of the market. On the contrary, he has remained easy and down to earth – whether he is practicing at the local piano studio in the middle of the Ruhr area, composing concert programs or communicating with audiences. “Music works very directly on us. Simple harmonies can spark something in all of us. This is why music stands for humanity, for universal feelings such as comfort and hope – it stands for a constant discussion with ourselves.”

Martin Stadtfeld’s next challenge already awaits him – to learn the treasures of the past and to create something new. His own first composition, a cycle of conversations with Bach’s music, will form part of the upcoming seasons’ programs.


Season 2017/2018
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Photo: Yvonne Zemke

Martin Stadtfeld with the BR Kammerorchester in Munich

18 October 2017

On October 22nd, Martin Stadtfeld will play two Bach piano concertos with the Bavarian Radio Chamber Orchestra with Radoslaw Szulc conducting in the Prince Regententheater. He will perform […] more ...

Martin Stadtfeld – summer of festivals

4 July 2017

This summer, Martin Stadtfeld will be performing live at numerous festivals, each offering a unique atmosphere. He will once again demonstrate his impressive versatility: in recitals, as a […] more ...

Martin Stadtfeld to perform concerts in Hamburg and Berlin

2 May 2017

One of the most spectacular concert halls – the Elbphilharmonie – will also be welcoming Martin Stadtfeld on 2nd and 3rd May 2017. Together with the Dresdener Festspielorchester […] more ...

Martin Stadtfeld performs to international audiences

13 April 2017

This month, audiences in Ankara and Poznan can look forward to unforgettable concert evenings with Martin Stadtfeld. The sought-after pianist will begin by presenting his interpretation of Beethoven’s […] more ...

Martin Stadtfeld at Wigmore Hall

16 February 2017

On 16th February, Martin Stadtfeld will join viola player Tahlia Petrosian and bass clarinettist Volker Hemken to present a varied chamber music experience to a London audience. In […] more ...

Martin Stadtfeld to play in Shanghai

20 January 2017

Martin Stadtfeld is once again being welcomed to the Far East. The pianist’s celebrated reputation for his impeccable Bach interpretations stretches well beyond the borders of Europe. A […] more ...

Martin Stadtfeld releases new CD featuring Chopin etudes

31 October 2016

On 4 November, Martin Stadtfeld will present his new CD featuring Chopin etudes op. 10 and op. 25! The exceedingly virtuosic pieces and their many formidable passages can […] more ...

New Mozart CD from Martin Stadtfeld

26 November 2015

Martin Stadtfeld: new Mozart CD a great success! Martin Stadtfeld has released a very special double CD focusing on Mozart’s first years as a composer – when he […] more ...

Martin Stadtfeld with the Klenke Quartet

30 October 2017

Martin Stadtfeld and the Klenke Quartet do not simply complement each other artistically, one can hear that the five musicians are on the same wavelength. The program builds […] more ...

Martin Stadtfeld Recital 2018/2019

26 October 2017

The special connection between Martin Stadtfeld and Bach has been known since the pianist won the First Prize of the Bach Competition in Leipzig. After delighting numerous audiences […] more ...

Martin Stadtfeld – 2018 recital programme

14 October 2016

Martin Stadtfeld is dedicating his 2018 recital programme to a sensational discovery in the field of music history that dates back to 1974 when Bach’s personal copy of […] more ...

07:30 pm
  • Martin Stadtfeld
Schwiessel – Castle
05:00 pm
  • Martin Stadtfeld
Bayreuth – Zentrum Europasaal
05:00 pm
  • Martin Stadtfeld
Frankfurt am Main – Holzhausenschlösschen
10:00 pm
  • Martin Stadtfeld
Cartagena – Plaza San Pedro
11:00 am
  • Martin Stadtfeld
Cartagena – Capilla Sofitel Legend Santa Clara
07:00 pm
  • Martin Stadtfeld
Cartagena – Teatro Adolfo Mejía
07:30 pm
  • Martin Stadtfeld
Nürnberg – Meistersingerhalle
07:30 pm
  • Martin Stadtfeld
Leverkusen – Erholungshaus
08:00 pm
  • Martin Stadtfeld
Wuppertal – Mendelssohn Saal

J.S.Bach: (29) Prelude in B Minor [Martin Stadtfeld/arr.Siloti]

Mendelssohn Piano Concerto No.1 in G minor op.25

Martin Stadtfeld, Pianist – Interview Alpha Forum

Martin Stadtfeld Robert Schumann Bunte blatter op 99 live 2007 piano

Stadtfeld spielt unsere Zeitung: Bach gibt Trost im Terror in Istanbul

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