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Martin Stadtfeld releases new CD featuring Chopin etudes

On 4 November, Martin Stadtfeld will present his new CD featuring Chopin etudes op. 10 and op. 25! The exceedingly virtuosic pieces and their many formidable passages can only be navigated with the most exceptional technique. But for Martin Stadtfeld, there’s much more to them. The multifaceted etudes leave plenty of room for interpretation prompting the pianist to plumb his own depths: “It is my very own connection to this music, I consider these etudes more the stuff of dreams than a large explosive display of fireworks.“ His long, intense preoccupation with Chopin’s music inspired Martin Stadtfeld to combine these etudes with his own improvisations. In so doing, he presents the listener with a new perspective on the cyclical character of the etudes, which makes this recording an unprecedented listening experience!

The CD will be released by SonyClassical.

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