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Martin Stadtfeld and Thomas Zehetmair at the ‘L’enfant prodige’ Festival in Liège

Many musical prodigies combine the tragedy of great celebrity at a young age with an early death. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liège has dedicated it’s festival ‘L’enfant prodige’ to this theme. Not so long ago prodigies themselves, Thomas Zehetmair and Martin Stadtfeld appear at this year’s festival.
On February 3rd, Thomas Zehetmair conducts the orchestra in two programs performing Mozart and Schubert, and again as violinist in Mendelssohn’s String Octet op. 20. On February 4th, Martin Stadtfeld will give a recital program featuring alongside Mozart and Schumann, works by the young J.S. Bach.
When asked what constitutes the charm of these “Wunderkinder”, Zehetmair emphasizes the fascinating wisdom, maturity and freshness of these timeless works, while Stadtfeld the honesty of the music, especially considering the young Mozart. The performers get insights into the character, desires, dreams and joy of experimentation by the early works of these Wunderkinder.
Both artists show great sensibility to the juvenile genius of these composers, allowing some of the greatest names in music history to once again simply be a child.

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