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Martin Stadtfeld to play in Shanghai

Martin Stadtfeld is once again being welcomed to the Far East. The pianist’s celebrated reputation for his impeccable Bach interpretations stretches well beyond the borders of Europe. A further recital on 22 January will therefore take him to the renowned Shanghai Concert Hall. The programme is entirely dedicated to Stadtfeld’s sincere, profound understanding of Bach’s compositional method and his idea of continuing Bach’s work in the composer’s tradition combined with his own approach to interpreting it. The programme will feature Stadtfeld’s piano transcription of the Chaconne and Bach’s Musical Offering in the first half of the recital complemented by his own epilogue and prologue. Martin Stadtfeld’s new, very own version of the Goldberg Variations awaits in the second half where, based on manuscripts crafted by Bach’s hand, he has woven in 14 canons into the known version through the Variations’ bass line.

For the listener, it is at times virtually impossible to distinguish between Bach’s work and Stadtfeld’s additions. Stadtfeld’s concerts promise sophisticated tonal expression and a visionary experience.   

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