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Cuarteto SolTango

Thomas Reif | Violin
Karel Bredenhorst | Violoncello
Andreas Rokseth | Bandoneon
Martin Klett | Piano

“Already after the first piece the Cuarteto SolTango had won over the audience. Completely. The spark was ignited as soon as the four had started. Because with this quartet everything was right. Four outstanding soloists merged into a unit that harmonized perfectly.”

The Cuarteto SolTango epitomises the next generation of authentic tango, combining the luscious sound of a traditional orquesta típica with the verve of true chamber musicianship. With the unique combination of violin, cello, bandoneon and piano, they connect the Argentine Tango of the Golden Age with the tradition of chamber music concerts. They interpret a wide variety of classic tango styles ranging from icons Aníbal Troilo, Juan D’Arienzo and Lucio Demare right up to the pioneers of the Tango Nuevo, Osvaldo Pugliese and Horacio Salgán, in alluring arrangements by Martin Klett.

Since it was founded in 2008, the quartet was invited to perform repeatedly at the music festivals of Schleswig-Holstein and Oberstdorf and launched their musical brand at outstanding classical venues. The four have played at a number of international festivals – most recently at the innovative Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam, the Heidelberg Spring and the Studio Concert series at Bavarian Radio in Munich.

Following their debut album Tango Extreme, they published their albums Cristal (2015) and Sin Palabras (2019), collaborating with the German National Radio Deutschlandfunk and the chamber music label CAvI. Rave reviews by Rondo and The Strad magazines, but also in the Tangodanza magazine proclaim their great success in the classical market as well as the international tango scene. The fourth album Misión Tango was released in 2021. Pizzicato praised the recording: “The interpretations testify to the greatest instrumental refinement and are fascinatingly rhythmic and spontaneous.“

SolTango performed live on stage during the International Tango Festival Dusseldorf and the Ghent Festival of Flanders. The four virtuosos have been celebrated by dancers at international tango festivals in Hamburg, Oldenburg and Leipzig.

Profound instrumental skills paired with a common curiosity to explore different genres unite the four musicians of the Cuarteto SolTango. Its initiator Martin Klett is known as an international prize-winner and a pianist with many faces, who teaches at the conservatoires of Leipzig and Detmold today. The dutch cellist Karel Bredenhorst, also a founding member, performs not just as a versatile chamber musician, but also in experimental crossover projects. Violinist Thomas Reif has been appointed concertmaster of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra at the age of 26, after receiving numerous international awards. The bandoneon is played by the Norwegian Andreas Rokseth, who has graduated as the best bandoneonist in the history of the Codarts University Rotterdam and who has thrilled the Argentine audience at the Buenos Aires Festival y Mundial with his Duo Julie & Andreas (Harp & Bandoneon).

Season 2022/2023 | Photo: Andrej Grilc | Quote: Mittelbadische Presse: January 14 2019.
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A weekend of SolTango

16 January 2023

Next weekend, the Cuarteto SolTango will spend with playing a concert a day. In the concert series of Lünen and Borken in North Rhine Westfalia, as well as […] more ...

Welcome Cuarteto SolTango!

14 September 2022

We are very excited to announce a new collaboration with the start of the new season: The wonderful Cuarteto SolTango now enriches the roster of the Künstlersekretariat Schoerke. […] more ...

Misión Tango

23 August 2022

In addition to compositions by Astor Piazzolla (Tango Nuevo), who is probably one of the most frequently played composers on German concert stages when it comes to tango […] more ...


22 August 2022

Cuarteto SolTango Leonel Capitano | Vocals   “The German-Dutch-Norwegian Cuarteto Soltango accompanies the Argentine singer Leonel Capitano so authentically and vividly that it earns bravos and rapturous applause […] more ...

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Misíon Tango
with works from e.g. Juan d’Arienzo and Alfredo Gobbi
Thomas Reif, Violin 
Karel Bredenhorst, Violoncello
Andreas Rokseth, Bandoneon
Martin Klett, Piano
CAvi (2021)

Sin Palabras
with works from e.g. Aníbal Troilo and Horacio Salgán
Thomas Reif, Violin
Karel Bredenhorst, Violoncello
Andreas Rokseth, Bandoneon
Martin Klett, Piano
CAvi (2019)

with works from e.g. Osvalso Fresedo and Osvaldo Pugliese
Sophie Heinrich, Violin
Karel Bredenhorst, Violoncello
Rocco Heins, Bandoneon
Martin Klett, Piano
CAvi (2015)

Tango Extreme
with works from e.g. Osvaldo Pugliese and Astor Piazzolla
Azadeh Maghsoodi, Violin
Karel Bredenhorst, Violoncello
Rocco Heins, Bandoneon
Martin Klett, Piano
EmuBand (2011)

Cuarteto SolTango – Sin Palabras (Trailer)

Cuarteto SolTango – Si Sos Brujo

Cuarteto SolTango – A. Sureda: Ilusión Marina

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