K√ľnstlersekretariat - Astrid Schoerke

Zehetmair Quartet

Thomas Zehetmair | Violin
Kuba Jakowicz | Violin
Ruth Killius | Viola
Christian Elliott | Violoncello

They gave the impression that they had been living with this music for as long a time as Brahms took to produce it, with sensitive, nuanced readings that seemed to come from the heart.
(seenandheard-international.com, August 11th 2021)

Brahms String quartet C minor op. 51, 1*
Webern 6 Bagatelles for string quartet op. 9
Sibelius String quartet in D minor op. 56 Voces Intimae*

* or Brahms String quartet A minor op. 51, 2

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