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Till Fellner joins Kent Nagano in the Berliner Philharmonie

On 31st March/1st April 2017, audiences will once again have the chance to hear Till Fellner as well as Kent Nagano, former principal conductor of the orchestra, when he returns to the conductor’s stand. Together with Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra and Berlin Radio Choir, they will perform a programme featuring Beethoven’s Fantasia for the piano, chorus and orchestra. Fellner and Nagano have successfully collaborated on multiple occasions, which their sensational joint CD featuring piano concertos by Beethoven also testifies to.

In recent years, Till Fellner has dedicated his efforts to reaching two milestones in his piano repertoire: the Well-Tempered Clavier by J.S. Bach and the 32 piano sonatas by Beethoven. He has performed the seven-part cycle of Beethoven’s complete piano sonatas in venues such as New York, Tokyo London, Paris and Vienna and made a name for himself as a renowned interpreter of Beethoven.   

With their unmistakably eloquent and astute interpretations of Beethoven’s Fantasia in C minor drawing on a profound understanding of the artist, Fellner and Nagano highlight the seldom played piece that has long been overshadowed by the grand 9th Symphony due to its similar ensemble and theme.  

Here you can find more information on this concert.

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