Künstlersekretariat - Astrid Schoerke

Till Fellner & Viviane Hagner

Till Fellner | Piano

Viviane Hagner | Violin

season 2020/21/22

Till Fellner and Viviane Hagner – two outstanding musicians who as chamber music partners create an exquisite musical bond.

“Fellner’s touch is graceful and effortless, his Cantabile has a natural radiance.”
“To hear Viviane Hagner’s violin is an enchanting experience… she excels at a remarkable blend of reflection and warmth.”
(Berliner Morgenpost)


Beethoven        Violin Sonata No. 1 D Major op.12 No. 1

Schubert            Sonata “Arpeggione” D 821 edited for violin and piano by Anton Diabelli


Schönberg         Fantasy op. 47 for violin and piano

Beethoven        Violin Sonata No. 10 G Major op. 96


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