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The duo Andreas Staier and Isabelle Faust have a special highlight in store

A special highlight in the programme of the Innsbrucker Kammerkonzerte in February is the concert put on by Andreas Staier and Isabelle Faust. The two musicians conceived the both varied yet exceedingly subtle programme that will take listeners on a journey through the history of music. Andreas Staier, an expert on historical music and Isabelle Faust, a soloist who performs in the world’s leading music centres, share a long-standing artistic friendship. Whenever their schedules permit, the two meet up for creative exchange with unique results. They skilfully accommodate different styles as well as the historical demands of performance. Their adept, harmonious playing coupled with the uniquely warm tone of the fortepiano creates a music that deeply touches listeners. Following the concert in Innsbruck, Italian concert-goers in Pistoia and Perugia can also look forward to hearing this varied programme.

22.02.2016 | 20:00 | Innsbruck / Tiroler Landeskonservatorium
23.02.2016 | Pistoia (Italy)
24.02.2016 | Perugia (Italy)

Bach Empfindungen, Clavier-Fantasie with violin f sharp minor
Mendelssohn From Lieder ohne Worte (arranged for piano and violin by Friedrich Hermann)
Allegretto grazioso A major op. 62/6
Presto agitato g minor op. 53/3
Andante espressivo G major op. 62/1
Beethoven Violin sonata no. 10 G major op. 96
Schumann Fantasie a minor op. 131
Brahms Sonata for clarinet and piano no. 2 E flat major op. 120

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