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Summer concerts with Maurice Steger offer both variety and an abundance of tonal colour

This summer, one musical highlight after another awaits Maurice Steger. On 30th June, the recorder player will travel with the Lautten Compagney Berlin to Astana, Kazakhstan. There, the future will meet the past when Maurice Steger and the remarkable Baroque ensemble take a delightful Baroque programme focusing on Telemann to the stage against the technical-futuristic backdrop. 

Then it’s on to London’s Wigmore Hall. There, Maurice Steger will join his brilliant cembalo partner Jean Rondeau to perform an as always perfectly balanced programme complete with local flair: Alongside the great masters of the Baroque, works by Londoner composer Stephen Storace (1762 -1796) can also be heard.

For concert goers in Santander (Spain), Maurice Steger, together with duo partner Spanish native Ignacio Prego on the cembalo, has crafted an opulent Italian programme featuring works by Corelli, Fontana, Uccelini, Scarlatti and others, which they will present on 6th July at the city’s university.

Finally, Maurice Steger will be welcomed at Palace Esterhazy for the Haydn Festival on 15th July. Before this resplendent, authentic backdrop, he will conduct and, together with the Budapest Strings, play a programme featuring Haydn’s Baroque predecessors and musical precursors.

Maurice Steger excels with his awe-inspiring versatility, abounding musical prowess not to mention his unparalleled energy. Audiences can look forward to this musical summer! To be continued …

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