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Baroque Pleasures: Program with Recorder, Harp and Viola da Gamba

Maurice Steger is known for his colourful and complex programmes and so the collaboration with Céline Pasche and Hille Perl and the instrumentation of recorder, harp and viola da gamba seems as unusual as it is natural. The trio presents well-known and rarely heard treasures of the Baroque in new ways, but without sacrificing any of the beloved energy and sensitivity.

Maurice Steger | Recorder
Céline Pasche | Baroque Harp & Recorder
Hille Perl | Viola da Gamba

A Jacobean Masque
(compiled from Jacobean Masque-Dances and Divisions by Robert Johnson, Giovanni Coperario and Sir Nicolas le Strange and the Fluyten Lust-hof, 1644)
A Ground by Mr. Godfrey Finger
The Temple Anticke
The English Nightingale by Jacob van Eyck
A Ground by Mr. Henry Purcell
Gray’s Inn or Coperaree

Arcangelo Corelli
Sonata G major op. 5 No. 11 for recorder & b.c.
Preludio. Adagio | Allegro | Adagio | Vivace | Gavotta. Allegro
with ornamentation by Pietro Castrucci & Matthew Dubourg

John Hilton
2 Fantasies à 3, London around 1640

Canzoni di Andrea Falconiero
Passacalle | La bella Marchesetta (Napoli around 1620)
La suave melodia (Napoli 1625)

Christopher Simpson
Prelude und Divisions upon a Ground in e

Arcangelo Corelli
Variations on the old Spanish Sarabande La Follia per flauto e basso continuo, Sonata No. 12, op. 5, London 1702

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