Künstlersekretariat - Astrid Schoerke

Radu Lupu and Daniel Barenboim perform four handed pieces in the Boulez Saal

On 8th March, two musical legends of our age will convene in Berlin’s Pierre-Boulez Saal to present an unforgettable evening of piano. Radu Lupu and Daniel Barenboim, two widely celebrated pianists, share a close friendship not to mention their exceedingly prolific collaboration that has spanned decades. In their concert in Berlin’s Boulez Saal, which was uniquely designed by Frank Gehry, they will offer a performance drawing on their wealth of experience from a life dedicated to music in a programme comprising four-handed pieces by Schubert. Their aesthetic and captivating presence is sure to delight the audience, which can look forward to an evening of first-class piano.      

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