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Maurice Steger – Tino Flautino and the tomcat Leo

In Maurice Steger’s new tale Tino Flautino and the Tomcat Leo, the little hero takes off on a new adventure through baroque Europe.
The recorder player Maurice Steger sends his title character Tino Flautino on another journey, and a very exciting one indeed: Tino Flautino and the tomcat Leo are sitting in the palace gardens when three pages of sheet music are carried away by the wind. And it is marvelous music! There is only one problem: while Tino is very impressed by the piece, it does not yet have an ending. One page seems to be missing. Thus, Tino embarks on a mission to search for the missing page. He travels through Germany, where he meets Johann Sebastian Bach – but the music surely is not his. The composers Tino meets in Venice can’t help him out, either. He goes on to Naples – and there…
The new tale of the little flautist is once again a creative play with illusions, inviting to listen to, travel along with and to engage in the guessing game. “The great thing about Tino Flautino is, that he succeeds with very few means”, says Maurice Steger. “In reality, the story develops in the minds of the listeners, they can let their imaginations run wild and discover the great world of music by themselves.”

Orchestra version
string orchestra
2 flutes, 2 oboes, 1 bassoon
narrator (preferably local)

Trio/quartet version
narrator (preferably local)
maybe violin

Other musical tales upon request:
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Photo Tino Flautino: Sibylle Heusser, Oculus Illustration
Text: Axel Brüggemann

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