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Maurice Steger & Friends at Tonhalle Zurich

Maurice Steger will be playing at Tonhalle Zurich as part of the Meisterinterpreten-series and has therefore assembled an ensemble of esteemed musicians and longtime friends. Recorder virtuoso and baroque music expert Maurice Steger will be joined on stage by versatile string players Amandine Beyer, Mauro Valli and Fred Walter Uhlig, multiinstrumentalists, who apart from their recorders will bring oboe, bassoon and harp, Bettina Simon, Claudius Kamp and Céline Pasche, as well as trusted basso continuo players Daniele Caminiti and Joan Boronat Sanz. The program titled Venezia – Time Travel to the Serenissima promises a festive evening!

April 3rd 2023, Zurich

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