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Maurice Steger brings Venice to Hamburg

When he prepares his exquisite programmes, Maurice Steger is musician, musicologist, interpreter, artist, historian and dramaturg all in one. In his current programme, he takes audiences on a journey back to Venice of the Baroque Period, promises musical highlights not to mention a few surprises that have never been heard before. Together with his Baroque ensemble, he plays works by the Venetian masters of the Baroque not to mention a few rediscovered gems, lost in archives for centuries.
Maurice Steger’s energy permeates the entire programme with every single note ringing true and his technique of the often underestimated recorder and musical expressiveness knows no limit. The Bucerius Kunst Forum provides the perfect setting for this journey to Venice of the Baroque. This backdrop as well as the captivating sound of Maurice Steger’s playing are sure to take the audience away to Venice of the Baroque.

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