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Jonian Ilias Kadesha: Orchestra Concert in Freiburg and Recital Tour with Herbert Schuch

Jonian Ilias Kadesha is involved in two exciting projects in the next five days:

Together with Herbert Schuch he is starting a recital tour through the south of Germany today. In Fellheim, Neubeuern and Fürth they will present a program with pieces by Mozart, Franck and Beethoven.

Next week Jonian Ilias Kadesha will then go to Freiburg to perform Tschaikowski’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra with the Orchestra of the Theater Freiburg.

January 20th 2023, Fellheim
January 21st 2023, Neubeuern
January 22nd 2023, Fürth

January 24th 2023, Freiburg

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