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Jean-Paul Gasparian’s debut CD released today!

We are very pleased to announce that Jean-Paul Gasparian’s debut CD will be released on the Évidence label (Pias Distribution) today!
The young pianist presents a Russian program around Rachmaninoff:


Rachmaninoff: Études-Tableaux, op. 39
Scriabin: Piano sonata No.2, op. 19
Prokofiev: Piano sonata No.2 in d minor, op 14

„There are different ways of being Russian in music […]. This said, it seems that there are several essential characteristics to this art: a deliberately intensified lyricism, a visceral attachment to folklore and a fierce and somewhat particular sense of rhythm. Add to this Orthodox chant and a strange, singular “amateurism” […] and we can appreciate the incomparable richness of the Russian musical landscape as a whole.”
(Excerpt from the liner notes by Jean-Yves Clément. Translated by Peter Bannister)

Here is a trailer for the first glimpse of the album.
And with this link you will find Évidence Classic‘s homepage.

Happy listening!

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