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Jean-Paul Gasparian at Kissinger Summer

The Kissinger KlavierOlymp is an international piano competition that annually offers six young talents the opportunity to present themselves to the experienced Kissinger audience in recitals and concerts. As a participant in the Kissinger KlavierOlymp last year, Jean-Paul Gasparian will be guest at the Kissinger Sommer this year. After a masterclass with the old master Menahem Pressler, this year’s mentor of the young up-and-coming artists, he presents Chopin’s Polonaise-Fantasy in A-flat major and the Ballad no. 4 at the recital on June 24th.  Gasparian interprets Chopin’s works with emotional complexity, technical brilliance and astonishing maturity for his youthful age.

23rd June Masterclass
24th June Bad Kissingen

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