Künstlersekretariat - Astrid Schoerke

Isabelle van Keulen with the Tio Jean Paul at the Beethovenfest in Bonn

The Beethovenfest in Bonn has a long tradition: it first took place in 1845 on the occasion of Beethoven’s 75th birthday in his homeland. The Tio Jean Paul also has a tradition of enriching the musical landscape of Europe for more than 25 years. This year, Isabelle van Keulen will join the trio on the viola on September 21st, at the Beethovenfest. With a Brahms program the focus is on “Neue Bahnen”, as Schumann called the composition style. With this, Brahms followed on the musical trail of Beethoven.

After this high-profile start into the new season, the musical autumn for the Trio Jean Paul will bring more exquisite performances: on October 23rd, they will be performing a Haydn/Brahms program at Wigmore Hall in London, October 24th at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and on October 29th in Bayreuth with a Beethoven/Brahms program.

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