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Maurice Steger and La Cetra

Maurice Steger | Recorder
La Cetra Barockorchester Basel

small orchestration (8 musicians) or big orchestration (15 musicians)

“Maurice Steger and the La Cetra Barockorchester Basel with euphony, virtuosity and great joy of playing. As always with these artists, a great pleasure!” (Online Merker, 2023)

Dialoghi con sig. Vivaldi
Vivaldi Concerto per archi G minor RV 157
J. S. Bach Concerto D major for recorder, strings & b.c., BWV 1053R
Vivaldi Concerto per violoncello e fagotto E minor RV 409
D. Sarro Concerto XI for recorder A minor
Vivaldi Concerto C major for strings & b.c. RV 114
Vivaldi Concerto La Notte in G minor RV 439 per flauto, strings & continuo
Vivaldi Concerto Il Gardellino in D major RV 428 per flautino, two violins, strings & continuo

Bach & Telemann

Telemann Concerto F major for recorder, bassoon, strings & b.c., TWV 52:F1
J. S. Bach Cocnert D major for recorder, strings & b.c., BWV 1053R
J. S. Bach Ricercar à 6 from The Musical Sacrifice, BWV 1079
J. S. Bach Concerto F major for harpsichord, two recorders, strings & b.c., BWV 1057
Telemann Overture B-flat major TWV 55:B5 (Suite Les Nations) for strings & b.c.

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