Künstlersekretariat - Astrid Schoerke

Trio Jean Paul – program suggestion for the season

The three musicians, who have played together for over 25 years, are perfectly attuned both in terms of their music and approach to interpretation. And the result is anything but boring!  A fierce tension erupts as the bows swing to and fro and the keys frolic while the tranquillity and harmony of the gentle passages are almost tangible.


Program 1
Beethoven:  Piano Trio  C Minor op. 1 No. 3/ Piano Trio E flat Major op.70 No. 2.
Kagel: Piano Trio  No. 2
Brahms:  String Sextet G Major op. 36 (arranged for Trio by  T. Kirchner)

Program 2
Beethoven: Piano Trio E flat Major op.70 No. 2.
Birtwistle: Trio oder: Rihm Trio: Fremde Szene III
Brahms: String Sextet B flat Major op. 18 (arranged for Trio by  T. Kirchner)
oder: Dvořák Piano Trio F Minor op. 90

Program 3
Haydn: Piano Trio E Minor, Hob. XV:12
Schönberg: Verklärte Nacht op. 4 (version by Eduard Steuermann)
Beethoven: Piano Trio B flat Major op. 97 „Erzherzogtrio“

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