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Maurice Steger – Mr Handel’s Dinner

Program in different orchestral formations
Modern/Baroque orchestra, chamber orchestra,
Chamber ensembles & recitals

Music for intermission at Handel’s operas
Maurice Steger introduces his latest project: Did you know that Georg Friedrich Handel had unbelievably long intermissions when he conducted his own operas in London? In the Queens Theater there was often an intermission after the first act, a break of 2.5 hours. The reason was clear: Maestro Handel had to eat. We know that he sometimes ordered a whole suckling pig during the break, just to get really full and to continue playing well. The theatre developed its own dynamic during this period, of creating events amongst sometimes very long concerts or operas, in order to keep the audience happy. Music for these events came mostly from the outstanding orchestra musicians presenting their own works, with a bit of Handel in between of course, in what was above all a sensual party. Handel brought in Geminiani, Sammartini, and many singers such as Castrucci, Dubourg, Babell or Dieupart from his orchestra to present their works.
International intermission music…

G. F. Handel
Chaccone G major Strings & b.c.
Concerto F major Recorder, strings & b.c.
C. Avison
Concerto D minor after a theme of Scarlatti
Scarlatti 2 Soloviolin,s orchestra & b.c.
M. Dubourg
Concerto D major after the Sonata op 5 No. 11 by Corelli Recorder, strings & b.c.
G. Sammartini
Concerto F major Recorder, orchestra, b.c.
H. Purcell
Chaconne upon a Ground
Concerto grosso for orchestra

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