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Martin Stadtfeld Recital 2018/2019

The special connection between Martin Stadtfeld and Bach has been known since the pianist won the First Prize of the Bach Competition in Leipzig. After delighting numerous audiences with his adaptation of the Chaconne, Stadtfeld will present another original composition, an homage to Bach in 12 exercises. Rounded out with Schubert’s Sonata in B major, Stadtfeld’s program shows once again his playful perfection and emotional depth.


Bach                  A Canon from the ‚Musical Offering‘
M. Stadtfeld     Hommage to Bach – 12 execises

c Prelude
d flat Choral
d Canoncial variations over b-a-c-h
e flat Choral prelude and canon over two themes
e Minuet
f Pastorella
f sharp Echo
g Siciliano
a flat Prelude and Fugue
a Ricercar
b Fugue
h Choral


Schubert      Sonata in B flat major D 960
Bach            Chaconne from the partita in d minor for solo violin  BWV 1004 (arr. Stadtfeld)

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