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Martin Stadtfeld – 2018 recital programme

Martin Stadtfeld is dedicating his 2018 recital programme to a sensational discovery in the field of music history that dates back to 1974 when Bach’s personal copy of the Goldberg-Variationen was uncovered in Strasbourg. On the last page, Bach handwrote 14 canons on the Goldberg bass –  the most noteworthy canons Bach ever composed. Following in-depth study of the works, Martin Stadtfeld posits that Bach had composed them in order to refine the Goldberg Variations. Based on this assumption, he has compiled the canons and a number of the known variations as a new Goldberg version to be presented as a highlight in his programme. This version will shed new light on the long famous work and gathers substantial momentum while also convincingly suggesting that this is the intended form.


Buxtehude:  Passacaglia in D Minor BuxWV 161
Chopin:  Berceuse D flat Major op. 57
Heucke:  II. Klaviersonate op. 79
„Nun danket alle Gott“ (based on Bach’s Choral)

J.S. Bach Aria with Variations and Canons on the first 8 fundamental notes of the Goldberg Variations

nach oben scrollen