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Isabelle van Keulen plays world premiere of Högberg’s Violin Concerto

On March 16th, 18th and 19th, Isabelle van Keulen will premiere the violin concerto “Absent Illusions – A Hunt for the Eluded Muses” by Fredrik Högberg at the Tonhalle Düsseldorf.
“Absent Illusions – A Hunt for the Eluded Muses” is a multi-media concerto for violin/viola and orchestra with cinematic features. The Dutchman van Keulen is one of the few that has made a name for herself worldwide on both the violin and the viola – thus making this work aptly tailored to her, in the truest sense of the phrase.
In his composition, Högberg sets out to search for the muses, patron goddesses of the arts, who embody the essence of beauty in art. His goal is not a representation of the current, often ugly state of the world but of a possible ideal. The Düsseldorfer Symphoniker write in their announcement: “Frederik Högberg is a player. He interweaves styles, genres and art forms and brings pleasure in novelty to the Tonhalle with an international top soloist Isabelle van Keulen.”
The Swedish premiere of the concerto will be performed by Isabelle van Keulen on April 26th with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Anna-Maria Helsing.

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16th March 2018 Düsseldorf
18th March 2018 Düsseldorf
19th March 2018 Düsseldorf
26th April 2018 Malmö

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