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Francesco Piemontesi in Brahms’ fairytale land

Joined by the NDR Radiophilharmonie under principle conductor Andrew Manze, Francesco Piemontesi can be heard on 16/17 February 2017 in Hannover as well as on 18 February 2017 in Osnabrück as he performs Brahms’ first piano concerto.

This piano concerto in particular proves a veritable delight for Francesco Piemontesi: Its magical air unfolds as one alights on the music of the orchestra and is taken away to a fairytale land. The often lyrical, fantastic character manifests resolutely before lurching into the heroic and even the fierce. One must be prepared to leave the fairytale land behind and transform  a feat that demands utmost fortitude, both technically and mentally. The piece forms a grand unity and charges the performer with maintaining the suspense throughout its vast dramatic arcs.

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