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Martin Stadtfeld – Bach and the romantics




Program suggestion:

Bach               Capriccio in B flat Major over the departure of the beloved brother
                       Canon on the first eight fundamental notes of the Aria
Schumann     Kinderszenen Opus 15
Bach                Prelude C Major (Well-Tempered Clavier I)
Chopin            Etude C Major (Opus 10 No. 1)
Bach                Prelude in A Minor (Well-Tempered Clavier II)
Chopin            Etude in A Minor (Opus 10 No. 2)
                       Etude E Major (Opus 10 No. 3)
                       Etude in C sharp Minor (Opus 10 No. 4)
                       Etude in G Flat Major (Opus 10 No. 5)
Bach               Prelude in E flat Minor (Well-Tempered Clavier I)
Chopin           Etude in E flat Minor (Opus 10 No. 6)
                       Etude C Major (Opus 10 No. 7)
                       Etude in F Major (Opus 10 No. 8)
Bach              Prelude in F Minor (Well-Tempered Clavier II)
Chopin           Etude in F Minor (Opus 10 No. 9)
                       Etude A flat Major (Opus 10 No. 10)
Bach              Prelude in E flat Major (Well-Tempered Clavier II)
Chopin          Etude in E flat Major (Opus 10 No. 11)
Bach              Canon from the “Musical Victim”
Chopin          Etude in C Minor (Opus 10 No. 12)


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