Künstlersekretariat - Astrid Schoerke

Andreas Staier in Duo with Isabelle Faust

Andreas Staier – Harpsichord
Isabelle Faust – Violin

June 9th to 13th 2021



Couperin: 3. Concert Royal in A major and A minor

Bach: Prelude and fugue in E major (BWV 878) – harpsichord solo

Telemann: Fantasia for violin without base in E minor TWV 40:19

Mondonville: Sonata IV in C major out of ‘Pièces de Clavecin en Sonates avec Accompagnement de Violon op. 3


Leclair: Sonata op. 9 No. 3

W. F. Bach: Polonaises in F major/minor F 12 No. 9&10 – harpsichord solo

Bach: Sonata in E major BWV 1016

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