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Andreas Staier – Fortepiano

Andreas Staier | Fortepiano



How Staier in the D minor Sonata initially elaborates the recitative, how he chooses a tempo in the finale that renounces all sportingness, how rousingly he captures the rhythms in the second movement of the E flat major Sonata and how succinctly he flies through the finale, betrays depth. Even in the variations, Staier organizes the individual voices orchestrally, abruptly changes moods and organizes the dramaturgy in a very coherent way. A meticulous Beethoven appreciation.” ( March 2020, Christian Lahneck, Concerti)

Mozart               Fantasia C minor K 475
Haydn                Sonata E-flat major Hob. XVI/49
Haydn                Variations F minor Hob. XVII/6
Schubert          Piano sonata B-flat major D. 960


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